Skin Care

Organic Glow Facial

Highly stimulating treatment for those who desire luminous, hydrated and firmer skin. Custom application of organic products bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs. This facial promotes collagen synthesis, free radical protection and repairs skin imperfections for a visibly radiant complexion. Allow to be pampered with application of two masks, hand, feet, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

90 minutes/ $145

Gentelman's Treatment

A truly pampering experience just for him. It is a therapeutic treatment that addresses unique concerns of an active man, such as ingrown hair, congestion, stressed or sensitive skin. Facial extractions for clogged pores are performed to refine the pores followed by application of custom mask to recondition the skin. A relaxing arm, shoulder and scalp massage will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Despite the stress of modern life, men often do not pay enough attention to their physical and spiritual well-being but making an appointment at Renata's Organic Skincare can (and once you've try it will ) become an important part of your manly maintenance ritual.

90 minutes/ $110
With second mask $145

Clean Teen Facial

An advanced anti-acne facial; this facial is the perfect remedy for unbalanced, problematic skin. Boost the immune system, clean the skin and actively reduce redness caused by breakouts.

60 minutes/ $90

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Is a deep exfoliating treatment to help natural cell regeneration enabling to reach the deepest layers of the skin. This treatment helps reduce fine lines, improve large pores and overall texture leaving the skin soft an silky smooth. Each microdermabrasion treatment is followed with application of custom serum and mask.


Oxygen Infusion

Breathe new life into your skin! This facial is amazingly effective for pre-mature aging by delivering high pressurized oxygen infused with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the face and neck to strengthen skin elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Oxygen infusion also promotes the production of collagen and elastin as it reduces inflammation and wrinkles. You will see an evenness in your skin tone and pores will diminish!


Ultrasound Peel

Is a non - invasive and painless exfoliation for all skin types including sensitive. Ultrasound peel gently but thoroughly cleanses the skin from environmental pollution, make up residue and a sebum build up. The second part of the treatment helps with better penetration of serums, ampules, masks and creams to depth where it is more effective and beneficial for your complexion.


Resurfacing Peel

Free of color additives, synthetic fragrances, harsh alcohols or comedogenic oils this advanced peel will dramatically enhance skin's health and appearance. Whether you're trying to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture or even out discoloration, minimize the size of your pores or clear acneic skin there is a treatment that will help you archive it.


Green Peel

This purely biologically based peeling treatment is medically developed and individually customized to meet the skin's needs. The Green Peel will restore skin to a healthy, beautiful look at any age whether you need gentle refreshment, active revitalization or an intensive peel. Medically inspired, dermatologically efficient. The Green Peel may be just right for you!

  • Fresh Up - $150
  • Energy - $300
  • Classic - $395

ProCell Micro Channeling


Dermal Infusion treatment


Dermal infusion with organic glow facial


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